2014 - Looking ahead:

I am off to a very blessed start this year and I am feeling very humbled and grateful.  Last year I gave 20% of my music earnings to charity, this year I am upping that 50%.  

(And yes, I will book some gigs so there is something to give... ;-)

Musically, I want to continue the "Acoustic Live Series" and get the "Co-writer" series off the ground (see below) as well as add an "Instrumental Series".  Make sure to sign up for the email list and I will let you know how it all unfolds in real time.  I am also re-recording my originals.  That process should start in June.  I am hoping to release one a month...  stay with me, much ado!!! 


2013 - In Review:

What a great year!  I actually found a New Year's resolution I could keep!  (... the secret was making a music one ;-)   For those of you that are visiting for the first time, I took a year off from traditional (bar) gigs and focused on writing and recording.  I recorded 36 songs for the "Acoustic Live Series", which are available for purchase now.  

I also started a co-writer series.  The first co-write was with Grammy award-winning writer Phil Madeira.  These songs are a quite a bit more expensive to produce, but I promise I am doing my best to get them finished!